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We are Forma Farm

Smart Pricing

Don’t fear the limit! We designed our billing model for the real needs of real training companies: we know that your company training will suffer of peaks periods and traffic drops. We know that you want to pay only when you actually sell your courses. That’s why our plan model is based on these three principles: :

  1. Adjust to your size: First, we let you adjust your plan’s active users and storage limits exactly to your needs, for minimum amounts of 25 users/month.
  2. Upgrade when needed: Then, in case of expected activity peaks you will be able to add more users to your plan or upgrade to a higher plan, even just for some months, and then revert back to your original plan
  3. Soft Thresholds: Finally, in case you exceed your threshold, we will bill extra users only over an AVERAGE traffic monitoring, and not just monthly.


Forget bugs, and get fast upgrades and fixes from our specialized technical support:

  1. Latest Forma Version: get the latest versions, reserved to association members
  2. Free upgrades. As any open source product, Forma Lms keeps growing and improving with frequent new releases. Don’t worry about keeping your LMS up-to-date anymore, we will do it for you!
  3. Bug Fixing. Yes, and sometimes you may find some small software issue, but don’t worry: we will check and fix for you any blocking bug, and share it on the official Forma Lms repository to help improving future releases


Always check your monthly traffic and storage usage for plan dimensioning, and keep your platform metrics under control with a dedicated admin dashboard. Managing multiple platforms? Stop getting lost in server accounts and infinite passwords, control all of them at once with our integrated dashboard.


Extend and Customize

Yes, it’s true. We know, no other proprietary cloud LMS will let you do this, but with our Open Cloud model you can add unlimited extra features and customize your platform with plugins and template management, and even develop your own custom features.

FLY-IN Service

Welcome on board

Already hosting your Forma installation on your servers?
Move your existing Forma installation to our dedicated cloud hosting server.
You’ll keep all of your users, data and assets, and
profit of endless resources, automatic upgrades, fixes and technical support
right from the creators of your favourite LMS.

Fly in to the Cloud!



Technical Highlights

Professional features and services

FTP Access

Access your assets just like on your own server, for an easier and faster upload of large files (i.e. SCORM packages or video content) and a better management of your course assets

Personal URL

We will provide a base personal url (like, but you can also use your personal domain (ie., and add as many domain aliases as you like for your clients


Sandbox Environment

A sandbox copy of your platform to test plugins and upgrades before pushing new features to your production site

Included SSL Certificate

Grants a safe browsing experience for all your users with SSL certificates and https:// address.

Secure, Reliable, Scalable

Enjoy the best cloud technology in the world

We host you in the largest cloud infrastructure in the world: will it be enough for your projects?

Endless resources, server autoscaling, disaster recovery, 24/7 service uptime monitoring, backup: Your platform and your courses will rely on the same infrastructure used by the largest cloud services on the planet … or maybe you have more ambitious projects?

In addition we have developed the exclusive Forma DevOps technology, which will guarantee maximum speed and security in updating and maintenance of your LMS: you will be among the first to have directly all the new releases, fixes and functionality, directly from the development team of your favorite LMS!