ECM Pack


Verticalization for the ECM world:
– Fiscal Code check
– drop down complex fields
– system of professions and linked personal fields
– professions attached to the course
– subscription control system
– Agenas type questionnaire
– conditional certificates based on the discipline


ECM is Italy’s system of Continuous Education in Medicine. The plugin is meant for the Italian market and for the ECM Providers.

The quality of the personal data collected is essential to ensure the acceptance of the final reports that will be sent to Agenas and for the effective accreditation of the members. For this we have provided advanced data controls and wizards that guide the user during registration, in order to avoid identification errors of the doctors involved. It can be purchased individually at € 450.

the platform is designed to manage users’ profession and discipline data, and integrates:
– the complete list of professions and disciplines, managed with separate and dynamically linked fields.
– the possibility for users to insert multiple disciplines for their profession.

It can be purchased individually at € 450.


the automatic certificate generation system already present in Forma is enhanced to allow:
– integration with the professions system: certificates are issued only if the user belongs to a discipline for which the course is accredited.
– the issue of accreditation certificates and / or attendance certificates on the basis of the completion of specific objects (e.g. the satisfaction questionnaire) even if these are not end of course markers.

It can be purchased individually at € 450.

AGENAS Questionnaire
The regular formalms test is enriched with a feature that allows you to use it for the Learner’s feedback questionnaire that needs to allow the learner to anonimously send it to Agenas.

It can be purchased individually at € 150.



  • Developer: Forma Farm Srl
  • Platform version: 2.0 and above
  • Plugin version: 1.1
  • Documentation: link

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Controllo codice fiscale

Certificati condizionali

Questionario Agenas

Sistema nazionale professioni e discipline