Prestashop to Forma.lms


Integration between your forma.lms and your Prestashop e-commerce. Your customer can register and buy on Prestashop, then he will be automatically registered in your LMS and enrolled in the course he bought.

The Prestashop plugin for forma.lms allows you to sell courses directly on your Prestashop e-commerce. You just need to create new course in forma.lms and use the same id on Prestashop. Once a user will buy it he will use the same e-com credentials to login in forma.lms, founding the course just purchased. Also the Prestashop plugin disable for the user the possibility to change his login credentials in forma.lms to keep the same login between forma.lms and Prestashop.


  • Developer: Forma Farm S.r.l.
  • Platform version: 2.0 and above
  • Plugin version: 1.0
  • Documentation: link

Screen gallery

Login to your forma.lms platform

Configure the course you want to sell

Login to Prestashop

Configure the Prestashop 2 forma.lms module

Create a new product just adding forma.lms course id and the user will find it on his platform once purchase is completed.