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Subscription Plans

Starter Kit

87 EUR

or 870 € yearly

  • 25 Monthly Active Users
  • 5GB File Storage
  • 50 MB Database
  • Your domain or third level subdomain
  • SSL Certificate


240 EUR

or 2.400 € yearly

  • 100 Monthly Active Users
  • 10 GB File Storage
  • 100 MB Database
  • Your domain or third level subdomain
  • SSL Certificate


480 EUR

or 4.800 € yearly

  • 300 Monthly Active Users
  • 25GB File Storage
  • 250 MB Database
  • Your domain or third level subdomain
  • SSL Certificate


680 EUR

or 6.800 € yearly

  • 500 Monthly Active Users
  • 50 GB File Storage
  • 500 MB Database
  • Your domain or third level subdomain
  • SSL Certificate


Technical Highlights

Fly IN Service

Welcome on board

Already hosting your Forma installation on your servers?
Move your existing Forma installation to our dedicated cloud hosting server. You’ll keep all of your users, data and assets, and profit of endless resources, automatic upgrades, fixes and technical support right from the creators of your favourite LMS.

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Smart Pricing

A flexible pricing system that fits your effective training activities, scales with your growth,  adapts to peaks and training periods

Adjust to your size

First, we let you adjust your plan’s active users and storage limits exactly to your needs, for minimum amounts of 25 users/month.

Upgrade when needed

Then, in case of expected activity peaks you will be able to add more users or upgrade to an higher plan, even just for some months, and then revert back

Soft Thresholds

Finally, in case you exceed your threshold, we will bill extra users only over an AVERAGE traffic monitoring, and not just monthly.

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Discover our Enterprise solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "ACTIVE USER"?

An active user is a unique user that enters a course in any given month. If the user just logs in to download the certificate but doesn’t enter a course, that user is not counted against the monthly threshold.

What happens if I exceed my plan’s threshold?

You will be notified if your platform exceeds your monthly active users threshold, then exceeding users will be billed quarterly. If your average monthly traffic over the previous 3 months will be higher than the plan threshold, all the users will be billed. If it will be lower, exceeding users won’t be billed.

Users will always be able to login and take courses.

What's the cost for extra users?

The base cost for each billed extra user  is 3,5 €. Discounts will be applied for large amounts of extra users.

What’s the difference between Forma Cloud and Forma LMS?

Forma Cloud is based on Forma Lms, with the same core functionalities: we will take care of server management, upgrades and bugfixes.  Bugfixes and feature improvements added by our maintenance service will be included in the next community releases. Upgrades will be scheduled according to your training programs.

What are file and data storage?

File storage is the amount of disk space available for your uploaded courses and user materials. Data storage is the disk space occupied by your database. We put limits to these resources to keep prices lower, but you can add anytime just the resources you need with small upgrades.

If you platform exceedes your file and data storage limits we will get in touch for a plan upgrade. Your platform will keep working with no limitation in any case.

Can I customize plan thresholds?

Yes, you can increase any plan by steps of 25 users, to fit your exact training volumes. I.E., you could have a custom professional plan for 150 monthly active users, or a “Company” for 375 active users, and so on.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, in case of unexpected traffic peaks you can upgrade your plan even for a few months and then revert back to your original plan.

Can I add custom functionalities?

Yes, you can install any Forma third party plugin, develop your own plugins, or  ask for custom features development. Please consider we’ll be able to provide support only for plugins developed by Forma Farm or by our official partners. It won’t be possible to access or modify Forma LMS core files.

Can I move my Forma installation to Forma Cloud (FLY IN)?

Yes, any standard Forma LMS installation can be transfered to our dedicated cloud service, including courses, users, materials and tracking. We will take care of the migration from your hosting to our cloud infrastructure, including upgrade to the latest stable version. We can’t migrate or maintain any core code customization.

What happens if I quit my cloud plan?

If you quit your Forma Cloud plan we can provide a copy of your platform database and you will be able to download all your user and course files. With these backups it will be possible to reinstall your platform with the same version of Forma LMS.

We won’t provide Forma Lms core files. Backups will be mantained for 60 days.