Audit Trail


Audit log solution to track all the major forma.lms Events

The Audit Trail plugin for Forma, records in a special “log” all the operations carried out on the platform, especially as regards:

– creation
– deleting users
– modification of users’ personal data
– enrollment and unsubscription from courses

The operations that are possible and useful to record are many, potentially any action performed on the platform by users and administrators. You can configure the system by choosing exactly the level of detail you need.
The log will tell you exactly who changed what, and where on the platform.


  • Developer: Forma Farm S.r.l.
  • Platform version: 2.0 and above
  • Plugin version: 1.0
  • Documentation: link

Screen gallery

The log contains all the essential information on the recorded operations

You can configure which events to record and show in the log

Detailed informations are saved for each recorded event